Micro-sized apartment

Could you live in a micro-sized living space?

Could a family of four live in 400 square feet? Yes! Imagine a track on the ceiling that allows the walls to move. You shrink the room you are not using while enlarging the room you are occupying. Instead of displaying ornamental art on the walls, use them for functional purposes such as shelving. Use the ceiling height to create a loft for either a TV room, office or bedroom. Create storage drawers out of steps. Use multi-functional furniture such as a coffee table that opens into a dining room table and a bookcase that turns around and on the backside is a bed that folds down. A bed can be attached to the walls so that it folds down vertically, opening up the room to be used for other purposes during the daytime.
Just because a living environment is small doesn’t mean that there is a lack of options and possibilities. In fact, some tiny spaces can be more impressive than huge mansions because a great deal of thought needs to go into every inch of space.
By Ian Renner
Property developer / Designer of micro-sized housing