UPDATE 1: Kucoin announces support for the transition of AGI to AGIX! Read more here

UPDATE 2: Binance announces support for the transition of AGI to AGIX!
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UPDATE 3: For a clear advice on your specific situation we have created this tool. Select the location of your tokens and get targeted advice on what action to take (if any).

We are proud to announce that the SingularityNET AGI token is ready for the biggest milestone since it was first generated: becoming cross-chain compatible! This is the first crucial step in the rollout of SingularityNET Phase 2 plan…

As SingularityNET is blockchain agnostic with the intention of making the AGI token multichain, we are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with IOHK, a company led by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and driving forward the engineering and development of the Cardano blockchain. Cardano’s ADA token is currently the #6 cryptocurrency globally in terms of market cap, and the Cardano ecosystem is entering a period of rapid growth due to the expected near-future launch of a number of key features such as the Plutus smart contract framework.

SingularityNET is working with Cardano on the shared goal of pushing power to…

The next set of core milestones for SingularityNET’s rapidly advancing decentralized AI network.

The SingularityNET Beta platform was released almost eleven months ago and since that initial public release, our team has been blessed with insatiable curiosity from the community regarding the next steps that will take us closer to a fully featured and mature decentralized AI marketplace capable of obsoleting the Big Tech oligopoly and fostering the emergence of beneficial general intelligence.

To satisfy this curiosity at least partially, we give here a moderately detailed roadmap covering some of the more major improvements and extensions planned for the first half of 2020.

Recent Advances

In Beta V2 and the subsequent release of BV3, we…

After the successful release of the Beta, it is time to focus our efforts on the next milestone.

The SingularityNET Beta platform was released almost two months ago and ever since that first private release on February 6, our team has been blessed with insatiable curiosity from the community leading up to the public release and thereafter. It is incredibly rewarding to see that amount of excitement about the new features, the 40+ AI agents now live on the network and the overall platform, and to feel that we have delivered on what still seemed to be just a distant dream to many. But we are not resting yet. …

Talking AGI, humanity and decentralisation with Joe Rogan.

Do you like these comics? Find more here.

Here we are. Only two months after SingularityNET surfaced the idea of having Dr. Ben Goertzel join The Joe Rogan Experience podcast for an interview, the rendezvous has been set: 1PM (PST) on December 4.

In September of this year, following the much covered appearance of Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, we asked our community on Twitter if they would have liked to hear more about the fascinating Artificial Intelligence discussion that had taken place, and if they would have liked to hear Dr. Ben Goertzel engage in similar talks on Joe Rogan’s podcast. …

Discussing the future of education, human organisation and AI with Marko in our latest podcast.

Marko Klemetti from Eficode was our guest this week on the AGI podcast for an insightful discussion on the future of education, human organisation, and of course, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Marko is the Chief Technology Officer at Eficode, a company that enables software-driven organisations and builds digital experiences via DevOps, Cloud and UX practices. SingularityNET also collaborates with Eficode and will be hosting a developer workshop in December at DEVOPS 2018.

The future of education and learning

How can we prepare the next generation for the important role that automation will play in the decades to come? This question is central in our discussion with Marko…

After 4 years of development, Aigents is finally available on Github.

Aigents as a new standard

In 2014, our very own Anton Kolonin first introduced the idea of creating an unbiased social and media analytics platform. Aigents surfaced from that proposal. Aigents is an active project that aims to give any Internet user “an individual trainable software agent” that allows everyone to conduct intelligent searches of information on the Web and to share results with other users privately or within closed or open communities. This social computing platform also removes the burden of ads and “repetitive searches.” Additionally, Aigents is set to become an integral part of SingularityNET as a whole. The Aigents Graphs Framework, for…

Looking into the market incentives that drive the AI talent pool.

Artificial Intelligence expertise is hard to recruit, at least on a global stage today. This article identifies key trends in the employment of AI talents and field practitioners and suggests that their uneven distribution is closely linked to scarcity and financial placements. An optimistic outlook is retained, however, in parts due to the unprecedented volume of funding flowing into education.

Seating protocols can reflect real strategic interests at Google. This relatively odd fact was highlighted by Diane Greene, the current CEO of Google Cloud and a board member at Alphabet. Reportedly, in their Mountain View office you will find that…

SingularityNET will host developer workshops at the DevOps 2018 event, in collaboration with Eficode. At the event, Dr. Ben Goertzel will also deliver a keynote address.

The Present and Future of Decentralized AI

What is the fundamental value that decentralized AI will offer to the user and to the developer, beyond what is provided by centralized big-tech AI?

That is the topic of the keynote speech by Dr. Ben Goertzel, which he will deliver on the 13th of December, at the DevOps 2018 event. In his speech, Dr. Ben Goertzel will explore the present and future of decentralized AI and will investigate the fundamental value that decentralized AI offers to users and developers.

Exploring the dangers of deception by artificial intelligence and sophisticated machines.

Introducing human-like entities to the world.

On May 8, 2018, in a keynote led by Sundar Pichai, Google revealed the Google Duplex, a groundbreaking AI assistant set to carry out ‘natural conversations’ in the ‘’real world’’. In order to complete simple tasks that are usually trivial and time-consuming for its human user, the assistant would have the ability to call a hair salon for instance and book an appointment.

After watching the video of the announcement, many were left stunned by the live scenarios in which the AI was interacting with human beings. The voice of the assistant was indistinguishable from a real person, the responses…

Ibby Benali

Director of Product Development at Rejuve. Manager & Data Protection Officer at SingularityNET.

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