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Iberian’s Solutions Services (ISS) its a company established in China with 100% foreginer capital. Focus to offer services to companies want to do business in China or chinese compaines want internationalize, specially with Spain and Latin American countries.

Main services: 
- Consulting
- Marketing
- Events

We offer our services in the 3 worldwide most spoken lenguages: Chinese, English and Spanish.

We offer services in 2 major areas:
- Business development:
- Sourcing
- Exhibitions reports
- Interpreters English <-> Chinese / Spanish <-> Chinese
- Organization of stand in trade exhibitions
- Organization of customized events B2B or B2C
- Organization of business trips
- Graphic design
- infographics 2D/3D
- Newsletters design & sending
- Translations (English/Chinese/Spanish)
- Video Production

If you can’t find the service you need, can contact us and we will find a way to help you

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