After Years of breakup, I am Downloading Foursquare. Again.

Which is that one product/App you used to use a lot but no longer use it?

For me it was foursquare.

I was not the early user but an active user of Foursquare.

It was in some aspects similar to Pokemon Go (Running around doing check-In and becoming Mayor)

At one time, My activity on Foursquare was greater than that of Facebook.

But then they introduced Swarm, An additional App.

Being an active user and lover of foursquare, I downloaded it immediately.

But Swarm Sucked, It was nothing like Foursquare.

The app was premature, it used to crash a lot, extra steps to check In and now fewer people were using it.

And after a month or so, even I stopped using it.

Yes, We had a break up and I wasn’t the one to blame.

Last Year, It was reported that Foursquare raised a round at half the evaluation they did in their previous round.

Getting a haircut of half the evaluation isn’t motivating for both the team and founders and also having companies with billions of dollars as a competitor further reduces your morale.

But, Yesterday someone sent me a link in which Dennis Crowley (Founder) said that he wouldn’t sell Foursquare even if someone offered him a billion dollar now.

A few months back, Alaska Airways announced that they are going to kill Virgin America For Which Richard Branson wrote an emotional blog and shared a tweet

“It is sad (& some would say baffling) day. Virgin America was the ride & love of a lifetime.”

Most People think that doing business is about making money, and I do agree, but for an entrepreneur who has hustled every day to watch something grow and fly in bright colors, It becomes a lot more than a business making money.

Maybe, He would sell it? Maybe he won’t? Maybe Someone will force him to sell? No one Can’t Predict the answer.

But Hearing this news made me smile, and within seconds I downloaded the app again.