I wouldn’t focus on Ashkenazi otherwise u r saying Jews are an ethnicity.
Tony Greenstein

It’s very interesting, how definitions differ and how they are changed; almost every week another definitions. :-)

Ashkenazi means “German Jews” and is a term used for Jews living formerly in Europe/EastEurope; mainly in “Staettele”; mainly speaking “jiddish”. Those jews who left Europe (alija, beginning ~1880) from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, … Long before Hitler 1933.

Ethnically they are not Semites. Israeli Jews immigrated from Europe/Easteurope to Palestine/Israel or USA/Canada are the ashkenazi-part.

Semites = children of “Sem” includes Arabs and jewish Arabs and oriental jews; mizrachim and sephardim are the semite-/oriental-part; its an ethnical group with different religions, including jewish religion.

— — -
Can an atheist be a Jew? If jewish is a religion ==> no. 
If a Jew converts to Catholic-religion or converts to Islam, can he/she stay a Jew? If jewish is a religion, answer should be “no”.

I know, for political propaganda reasons (#ZionHasbara), the definition of “jewish” (religion or ethnic-group) is important and is changed regurarly, depending of political goals.

Ben Gurion made a sort of “pregnant vergine”: he claimed zionism is secular, but he used/abused lots of arguments, stories, legends from the Bible.

This is the reason, why President Truman made a correction: https://www.screencast.com/t/riZ9j9nDL9l

Shlomo Sand (see amazon) describes this in two books in detail.

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