Reviewed, Atlas Shrugged part 1, chapter 1

Colorado’s economic situation was found in a critical condition and vice president in charge of operation was trying all his possible best to revive the economic condition of Colorado properly and effectively by repairing Taggart Transcontinental’s line, and there was an emphasis on working together as a source of addressing problems, for one to achieve a set of objectives easily, there is need to work collectively with unique idea, one has to have a sense of patriotism in mind that Interest of a Society should be considered first before any other selfish or personal or business interest.

Ellis Wyatt is a greedy figure in nature who was after money all the time and his attention was drawn by James Taggart that there are more important things in life than making money, and is by sacrifice of one’s time and impacting the knowledge and talent or wisdom of one to the people and to the Society for the better men of humanity.

Permit me to relate the above content to Nigerian society, had it been that, we have people with similar idea of James Taggart especially in the North East most of our youth would not remain in abject poverty as today, presently, most of our parents could not afford to sponsor their children at schools, government/elites in our societies are not helping matters in supporting or empowering youth to embrace business or any other skill acquisitions which now resulted to most of our youth are un-educated or illiterates, un-productive and redundant in the societies thereby engaging in drug dealers, terrorist groups, political terrors which now became a treat to security of our Nation in general. #NotAnotherNigerian


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