A reply to a note by Niya Marie

The note appeared here

and the 200 character limit prevented my making an adequate reply. Without saying so directly, she was asking for ideas, or at least that was the way I took it. This is what I would have replied there

Usually the classical pincer movement is effective. One prong is showing why what there is for a particular class, in this case ours, doesn’t fill the bill very well. I think they should have got that message by now. The other is to make what is thought to be a valid suggestion as to how it could be improved. This is mine….

What is needed is an additonal root folder that caters for writers of fiction. An additional “write a fictionaI story” is added in places where the existing “write a story appears”. This selects the new root folder, the current write a story the one existing. Everything in the new root works the same as the current root. It would be nice if the backgroud colour within the new root was a very pale pink, or some such, more heartwarming than white and so nobody gets confused as to which pages they are using.

Without knowing how their set up is coded, its not possible to know how complicated is is to implement, but in theory it should be quite quick and simple, especially if they are using relative addressing. It would offer the advantage that the two parts could develop independently, but with possibilities of cross referencing.

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