An Invitation to a Conversation about the slow decline of the USA.

I tried to inaugurate a conversation before on the subject of Souls. NO takers. Ok, so it was a bit esoteric as a subject. So now, to test whether this idea is workable or not, I am being deliberately provocative. This is my view of why the USA is in a slow decline and why that decline may even accelerate.

Everybody knows that you cannot continue to live beyond your means indefinitely. At this time you are having to borrow at least $1Tn every year to just keep functioning as you are now and that amount is still increasing. Already you owe at least $16Tn and I’ve heard that the interest on that costs around $60bn day. I don’t really believe the figure is as high as that, but nonetheless it is sure some wack. In effect, you will never be able to repay your debt without turning your country into another Greece (remember Detroit and that was just a marketing mistake by a big car manufacturer?)and your credit rating has fallen out of the AAA rating to somewhere around the B level rating, which makes your credit more expensive.

One result is that the proposed trip to Mars has been cancelled, or at the very least suspended. Another is that the Chinese now hold 13% of your debt, meaning they have some level of say in things. SE Asia has great economic growth. They have money to invest on a large scale, particulaly China, which also has three times the population to produce innovations, so the economic power is moving East and thus the influence on world affairs also. Because of your debt you cannot make the same level of investments as before, which will make you fall further behind.

I have no doubt that most Americans still think the USA is top dog. So lets have a CIVILISED discussion to have an exchange of views about it.