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Hmmmmm well it looks as if we are not going to find much common ground, if any, on this, especially if we are going to start splitting things up over words. So I will just say this, you reply and then we’ll leave it at that, ok?

In France, there are at least 160 nationalities that have at least 150,000 living here. The only ones that cause any problems are the Muslims. They want many special this and that for their religious and cultural things. The French don’t like that and justifiably so in my opinion. You go to live in some other Society then you are expected to adapt to their culture and not try and live your own as if you were back home. I am not French, but I adapted. The Muslims don’t try to do that.

What I am interested in is things that promote harmony in living together. The LGBTQ are not currently trying to do that, they are behaving more like the Muslims, I cite ‘whether they choose to assimilate OR “parade” their differences.’
I consider myself very tolerant and will accept anybody if they are trying to live in hamrony, but if people start rubbing my nose in their difference, then that gets up my nose and I start reacting against it, even vigourously. I don’t believe that I am the only one that thinks like that, far from it. Judge that as you wish.