A Click-Bait Experiment, and the Navel-Gazing Problem that Threatens to Ruin Medium
Henry Wismayer

I agree, Henry, it has become increasingly obvious lately. I notice you got a reply from Greg, the Medium ctrap handler. His message is basically always the same, reading between the lines — We have lots of things in mind, like doing what we want with Medium, so don’t bug us with your problems. In short tea and sympathy and nothing much changes. I don’t read life hacks anyway. At my age if I have not hacked life, its a damned poor show.

All these people who have n ways to do this seem to have never heard of what works for them does no necessarily work for anybody else. I don’t write stories here anymore, its a waste of time, I just write comments as a way of trying to engage some discussion. Not many seem interested in doing that either.
My advice to Medium is the same as the last time. Forget about trying to be all things to all people, its never going to work. Concetrate on going with the flow and the life hacks and n ways to do this, etc, and you could well become the N°1 site on the Web for it. IF thats not what you really want then CHANGE FUNDMENTAL THINGS PRONTO, like proving IM.

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