Coming Out of the Proverbial Closet
Holly Jordan

I agree, there should be no labelling as such. Thing I don’t understand is it seems to be the LGBTQ crowd that quite often gives themselves labels by saying I’m gay/ whatever. It seems to me that if nobody said anything on the subject, there would be a lot less hostility. If you would like to be equal then why proclaim your DIFFERENCE?? If you proclaim your difference, then you cannot expect to be treated as equal!!

Firstly we are all human and as such we should all have equal rights. If you move sexual inclinations out of the bedroom into the public arena, then it becomes an undesirable means of distinsguishing humans from each other that results in comportamental changes. The same applies if you move religion out of your heart into the public arena, and similar.

How the hell are we supposed to live in harmony with each other if most are proclaiming their differences instead of their commonalities?

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