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I liked what you said, because it posed at least one question that I had not really considered. Obviously it does not really matter what you write about, here its still classed as a story. The question of if it matters if you are read or not is interesting. At least it is to me, because I had not really thought about it before.

I have written things here that have 0 views and reads. Do I tear my hair, think I’m a failure, want to go elsewhere, or such? No. I just shrug and move on. Generally speaking, if I have views, either the reads are zero, or 100%, there is little in between. Thats normal, I’m well aware that my style and what I write about doesn’t interest that many, but those that it does like it.

I see no reason why you should not have recommends, you write and express yoruself very well. To be brutally frank, I’m not really interested in the problems of running an asian dance company. However, I would be very interested in seeing some asian dancing. There is a lot of different styles and I’ve seen very few of them. Of course, I wouldn ‘t really understand them.

Now there is a clue. One minute of Asian dancing. Stop it and explain what it signifies. Then another minute and explain, etc. That would be educational and would interest quite a few. So you see, its a question more of finding a niche that perhaps only you have and then you get a following. Its obviously more enjoyable to have people interested in what you write, even if its not really necessary to you.