Why Twitter And Medium Need To Just Get A Room Already
Jamie O’Grady

I’ve said it before, but not to you. There is clearly a difference between what Medium proposes it is about and what a lot of users are using it for. Proposing it as a place for story telling and publishing falls down in face of two things. Although everyhting is looked on as a story and treated as such, many posts don’t meet that defintion. The first thing is that nearly, if not actually, the majority of posts are about life tips, running a business, 30 ways to give this result x and all that sort of thing. It would seem that the more there is of this, the more there will be, as its becoming known as the site for it.

The second is that it is not favourable to unkown fiction writers, though it is claimed to be, they simply don’t get looked at, unless they subscribe to a publication that is well reputed. There are drawbacks to doing that, such as complying with the publication rules, getting edited without being told, etc. Even Tom Farr, who is well known, admits it is a very long hard stuggle to get a following here as a fiction writer. I gave up writing fiction for here. It may not be brilliant, but its certainly good enough to get likes and followers elsewhere.

As for viewing it as a social networking site, then I was amazed to see that mentioned. No doubt some people socialize on it, but in use it does not ressemble that at all as far as I am concerned, and it certainly lacks some of the essential facilities for one. It seems to me unlikely the decision makers are going to end up with what they are seemingly trying to get. So either they have to shift the target, or they risk being overtaken by events, such as hte Instant Article. Just my 2 cents worth.