Is there a problem with the ‘a reply to a post is a story’ idea of Medium?

To illustrate what I think the problem is and though I’m sure better examples could be found, this is the only one I can readily lay hands on. It starts with the original post at

This contained the phrase “…. instead of being chased through the Serengeti by a Jaguar, I drive one.” I’m not keen on inexactudes, so I replied “Your knowledge of Africa seems sketchy, as jaguars are only found in South America!”. In fact that text was also a forward link to where this became a story in its own right, but you would have to put your cursor over the text to find that out, it is not signalled in any of the usual ways of being a link

I consider that a problem, as, unless you stumble across the fact that the text is a link, you would not know that there were further exchanges. Now what I said for that first reply is repeated as a seperate post=story at

which said, to save you looking it up >
IN RESPONSE TO (light gray)
Why I quit my job teaching poor children in Africa and became a Wall St. investment banker (not obviously a back link to the post unless you put the cursor over it)

Your knowledge of Africa seems sketchy, as jaguars are only found in South America!

To which the Author replied there
Sorry, I was pretty wasted on my $500 bottle of “The Goose” (Grey Goose Vodka) when I wrote that! That in turn became a story on

Its text was
Sorry, I was pretty wasted on my $500 bottle of “The Goose” (Grey Goose Vodka) when I wrote that!

Yep, I can see that would make you a cheat, lol (my reply that should have actually been cheater, which ended the exchange, being a play of words on the word cheetah)

The problem here being that now the first part was a link pointing back to my first comment, now a story, starting ‘Your knowledge”

That means that people going through the posts on their feed that would contain the original post, find comments that do not relate directly to the original post, they are just hanging there and the last one is the first the come across, being the most recent in time. For a first level of a reply ghe link foes point back to the original post, but it does not for subsequent levels.

Not only do readers thus frown and say what the hell is this about to these lower level replies when they come across them, at least I do, but it is heavy, not only to decribe, but also to use. To get things into perspective you would have to first click on all the back links of the first line to get to the original post and then start working your way forward again. How many users would bother doing that??

Its the first site I remember being on where all the things that derived from an original post were not available from that post. When I post a story on a site in episodes, then all but the first episode contain two first two lines as links, one to where the story starts (which would solve the problem I’m seeing) and one to the previous one (which is what appears to be done now).

In any case it seems to me that all links that are links should be visually obvious that they are and not depend upon the cursor position. The same applies to the note system, often you don’t see it unless your cursor passes over it. Finally, this ‘reply is a story’ ymethod might give quite a few more stories, but it is rather a conversation killer for people to follow and paticipate in. What do you think?

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