Can we learn to be intelligent?
Esko Kilpi

It all seems a very learned and well written proposal. I only got as far as this when my hackles started rising.
“If we continue to assume that some people are born intelligent, ……. and see intelligence as a fixed, personal possession, the options for a large-scale systemic change will be limited.”

I thought good, thinks are already changing too fast and not in the right direction. In fact the whole shebang is out of control. For a start it seems intelligence is largely situated in our brain and I don’t see how it can be argued that that is not a personal possession.

The ground for discussion is extremely large, thus it cannot all be dealt with at once. I choose to restrain it to the subject of what sort of Society would we like our young toddlers to become adult in?

Perhaps the most answers would go for PEACE, a world that is truly at peace in say 20 years time. It would seem clear to most everybody that is not going to happen, Now if its something the vast majority would like to see then why are we pratting about putting forward ideas that are not related to that?

That would seem to raise the question as to why our most intelligent and learned people are not concetrating on that, but trying to get adopted their pet ideas about how the uninverse works, or what role machins should play in our lives, etc, etc, & bloody etc.

At the moment there are at least 20 armed conflicts going on in the world. One, suppesedly a cease fire in Ukraine, has the potenial to escalate into WW3 within three months if things start going badly wrong. The WORLD shows little interest in trying to solve it, yet leaving it to the beligerants is NOT a good idea.