Way We Work
Madeline Bermes

Its refreshing that you make such a nice report available and well done! Also nice to meet the people involved. Things have sure changed since I ran a tech company back in the ‘80s. For a start, I’ve never heard of Holarachy, seems like the latest buzzword, the amount it was mentioned, so I looked it up. Don’t think I understood what it said. However, the red green and blue made it clear enough, just a different division of responsibilities. I assume the group leads and tech leads still reported to Dan.

Having tech leads responsible for external communication was a surprise, for dealing with subcontractors, and/or technical relations with other companies it would normally be handled by Dan. If it was to the general outside world, that is normally handled by marketing. It would be interesting to know what the ratio of people hours to meeting hours is. When I worked freelance for IBM in one of their big tech research places, it was ridiculous, one day in 5 was devoted to meetings.

Thats dinosaur making! The report they asked me to make at the end of my time there was scathing, to say the least. You have 40 people involved in getting this mutliplexor concentrator out to the market in 18 months. I could achieve it with 5 good people of the right technical capacities in 8 months. If you don’t believe me, next time you need something like this then just ask. I’ll do it for a third of your budget and then retire.

If you don’t greatly streamline your operations, you are not going to survive in the microcomputing world, it changes too fast. You are too interested in internal empire building. So I suggest Medium monitors its meeting hours to working hours ratio, its a good indicator of that sort of thing.