Your spot on, and I'm also sharing it on Twitter, its been a pleasure to read some of your post on…

Many thanks, Subhasunshine! One of the things I like about you is your evident generous nature in the way your reply to people. I suggest that the correct response to the LGBTQ people is compassion and not fear. Through no fault of their own they have a harder lot in life. Not only is their choice of partner much more restricted, but they are often looked down upon because of it.

It is not easy being a woman either. As you hint at, they are often exploited for other ends. You only have to go to a big yearly exhibition of new cars and there are skimply dressed dolly birds everywhere to ‘advise’ on them. At least you don’t have the problem the Saudi women have. Traditionally only men run the stores providing womens underclothes, so they don’t get a good fit, no measuring being allowed, it just being an estimation. To get something comfortable to wear, they have to go to another country to buy it.

As for not being allowed into the kitchen, I don’t see any man being upset by that, lol. My advice to ladies is always the same. Try to maintain your financial independence, married or not. I wish you all luck with you adventure into the fashion world. Not easy, designer clothers are not cheap, it usually takes longer to get established.

A mistake newcomers make in lauching themselves into commerce is that they go for what they want to do, without taking the trouble to find out if there is much demand for it. For example, who are likely to buy the kind of clothes that you have in mind and how do you propose to make them aware that they can find them with you? Fundamental question, I hope I don’t see you with your hand over your mouth, wink.

In addtion, they don’t make a real business plan to be able to see their financial situation clearly. That requires the use of spreadsheets, such as Excell. I know nothing about the particular problems of running a business in India, but I do know about the fundamentals that will apply almost anywhere. If there is anything you feel you need advice on, please ask me.
Warm regards

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