Michael Macfadden

A silly fault seems to have been introduced here, where the next story line obscurs/prevents a reply in the normal way, so I’m having to do it this way.

Yes, that is basically my point. To reply to your questions
 1 The algorithm may well eventually make it invisible, but not if its tagged and you search by tag that includes a tag they specified
 2 Yes it would, because users could then identify what it was and avoid if they wished. Problem seems to be the Profs are not at all keen on that, they want to expose their people to the real world, not a ‘protected’ one
 3 It would seem so, especially in the case of students, they are supposed to be able and willing to defend the viewpoint they expressed.

From my viewpoint it is one of the failings of this site and the internet in general. People put up a post, others make comments and thats usually it. It is rare that the authors engage in a real discussion. Yet it is only via such discussion that both can learn more, n’est-ce pas?

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