How do you choose the right viewpoint and narrator for your novel?

My writing seems very atypical. I write mainly in the first person, as if I was the main character. I find it flows much easier if I do that, imagining what the main character would do in the various circumstances as events and other characters flow into and out of its life

I have no writers craft as such, I just do it. I don’t plan anything, there is no plot, it seems to come out as some kind of imagination dump. It has the advantage of being spontaneous and fast moving, full of the unexpected. Its drawback is that quite often the readers have no idea why I’m introducing something — not suprising, I don’t myself — in fact its a preparation for something to come, that appears some time later. Not that many like it — as a result, they tend to feel lost — , but those that do are very enthusiastic, which is nice.

None have been published, though I have posted some short ones as episodes on blog sites. One long one, in particular, is perhaps daring, called the Seven Pillars of Heaven, as it illustrates how the Christian Heaven might work through all its seven levels and I class it as a religious fanatsy. Of course, there are those who would say any religion is a fantasy, lol, so that should be right up their street, rofl.

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