The Beauty of Agnosticism
Desmond Smith

“no one knows whether any sort of deity exists. Many would say that not only is it unknown, but it is ultimately unknowable”?
Of course, you are free to believe what you wish, but for me that is an incorrect statement. I can say that because I am a servant of God, though I don’t have a religion, or rather my religion is God, but that is not seen as a religion. As a result I know a few things about God that do not appear in religious texts, but am very far from knowing all!

Naturally you want to know where is my proof. Equally naturally I don’t have any. There can be no physical proof for a non-physical thing. What I would say is you can find your own proof, so why ask me for it? How do you do that? By SINCERELY praying to a God you don’t believe in. By sincerely I mean not asking for inanities like being a millionaire, or getting proof of God, etc, but opening your heart.

Thats how I got my proof, in a moment of desperation, and the prayer I made was answered in a most positive way. So then I had no choice, but to believe. For the previous part of my life I was agnostic bordering on AT. So it worked for me and there is obviously no reason it would not work for you, yet every AT or Agnostic that I proposed it to has refused to do it, so perhaps you will be the first to try?

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