On Flirting and Foreign Language
Kelli Haynes

So what do you do when you have no words at all and you want to flirt with somebody? Use body language! You forgot the magic word, which is smile, your best weapon to fell the fellas!! You have to act a bit, like if you get tongue tied when they are attractive then you smile a bit and then look all shy. You think this hunk is pathetic, I wouldn’t give him houseroom and then you can be yourself.

If in doubt and hes showng signs of leaving, stick your chest out a little when he’s looking your way. That even works across a crowded room, its a big come and get me signal. If you are sat on a terrace or somewhere and he walks past, or the opposite, you put your two forefingers together, side by side, and give a query look. Means lets get together. Can’t beat body language!

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