There’s Only One Way to Truly Change the World, And It’s This…
Kevin Michael Geary

SUPER POST!! I totally agree, but there is a problem and I highlighted it. The majority of inputs that we experience today are negative. How then can we expect children to grow up and maintain as an adult all the positive things we may teach them when the dice are loaded against that?

It seems most parents want their child to succeed. Normal enough, but to succeed in todays world means walking over at least some people or you will get walked over instead. One way or another some form of that message tends to be instilled. It is reenforced in the young teens age group at school. You have to stick up for yourself or you risk becoming what is termed the ‘souffre douleur’, roughly translated as the pain sufferer. There is often one in a class that everybody picks on. This, in itself, is a very damaging form of abuse and kids have suicided because of it.

How would you suggest these aspects be overcome by applying the ‘Golden Rule’?