Dear Mr. Seeker,

Thank you for fillinng my ignorance on the book signing front. I won’t explore the implications of your ID, though it does seem pretty offbeat. I may well be one of those Soul Bloggers you mentioned. I came to Medium because it was put across as a good place to write stories. I quickly discvered that was not the case, though they try to look on everyhting as a story when its not. I have several finished fiction books, but have made no attemt to have them published.

I’m not really interested in having them published, the principle reason being that it is hassle, particularly with editors. Having errors corrected is one thing, having to change what is written, drop things out and embellish things here and there is another. That I classd as hassle and I’ve had too much in my life to volunteer for more. So I post direct or indirect life messages, sometimes in quite provocative ways, or act the iconoclast for things like the Big Bang Theory, which seems so full of holes and assumptions that I don’t believe it.

Somebody who can jump from the Buddhist sacred vow of Bodhisattva to the Mad Hatter scenario is worthy of respect. However, for me, you started going of the rails when you elucidated on Listicle, compounding that was your proposal for pornography. I asked myself why an obviosuly intelligent and widly read man is stuck into that sort of thin and why, by your own admisision, you are a jealous and bitter man?

Obviously things like that are caused by previous things in your life. My question to you is do you want to stay like that for the rest of your life? It does not seem to gain you anything, except perhaps a certain notoriety and perhaps an avoidance by some, or even many. On the other hand you have the capacities to gain a great deal if you shifted your attitude. Want to try that? This is perhaps where your hot air, as you put it, turns into a blast furnace in my direction. I’ve got sloping shoulders, it wouldn’t achieve anything, if I was afraid of it I would not be writing this way. So you now have the ball.

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