Reality is part what we know and part what we don’t yet know.
Stephen C. Rose

Thank you for rplying, Stephen. Interesting that you lump the natural with the supernatrual as reality. Thats in sharp contrast to the Buddhists that think that the physical world we are in is what they call the Grand Illusion. I think you are right to keep out of the New Age. The whole thing is orchestrated by Lucifer!

I find myself at odds with a couple of things in your Heirarchy of Evil. I would put the corruption of Souls at No 1, with killing at 2. A corrupted Soul will try and corrupt others, whereas a dead person has no further say in anything.

I don’t class opposing Dmeocracy as Evil. I oppose it myself in its current form. Its just a charade/smokescreen put up by the Elite to let the population think they have a say in things, when, in effect, they don’t to any significant extent.

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