I’m sorry to hear about your hospitalization and hope you are back on your feet and on the internet…
elizabeth tobey

Thank you for your good wishes! “…. but we’re all adults and understand that…”. indeed we do, but that means that what followed was self -evident, as it did not tell us anything new that could not have been surmised. Just vague tools and bigger programmes lacks reality. That sort of thing has been bandied around since I’ve been here.

Would Users not prefer something like we are developing two tools, one for communication and the other a search enhancement, with a view to producing a better means to find and exchange between and within communities? Thats concrete enough so that Users know where things are headed without you being tied to time scales. Of course, if you find yourself hamstrung by previous promises, then thats really hard decision time!

As no one else seems inclined to join in our conversation and I’ve said what I felt was needed, I suggest we just end it here. Thank you for the exchanges.

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