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Vidya Narayanan

Thanks for that explanation, I wasn’t aware of that. That you are participating in the shaping of humanity I would agree with. That you are saving it I would beg to differ. The only two things that will save Humanity, in my view, is Wisdom and Nature and particularly applying the first to the second.

As Technology caused the problems we now have, and perhaps others whose pigeons have yet to come home to roost, then it would not seem possible that it can resolve them. It requires sboth enrgy and raw mateirals. The use of the first and it is also required for the second, increases the heat in addition to the GHG problem and the second is scarcifying, if thats a valid word, with the exception of iron.

Some have said the future of Humanity lies in space. That does not take into account that by the time we have devloped what is necessary to transport sufficient humans to some exoplanet we will have nothing left to build it with, so its not even a lifeboat! If we don’t limit the effects of climate change sufficiently and in good time, then we are screwed, its as simple as that.

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