Is it OK to highlight your own stuff?
Cara Meverden

Thanks for the info, I was wondering how some posts I’ve seen did that. Whilst I’m at it, as a newbie, there is a couple of related things I would like to know about.
1 I was very taken aback to find that some posts ended with a request to make a recomendation. In addition, it seemed as many used the same wording, it was something that could be added by some simple method. It would seem self-evident to me that if you like it, then you would recommend, so it rather seemed like begging. Some authors also recommended their own post. Wow, this is viewed as ok then?
2 Try as I did, I can find no access to ‘help’. Even though I’m going gently gaga, surely not to the point that I missed something obvious, I hope! So how do you access it?

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