I would really say that no matter where you go, cultivating an audience is hard.
Charlotte Ashlock

Thats undoubtedly true, but it seems more difficult on this site than most. especially as its supposed to be dedicated to stories. The previous site I was on was very small, perhaps only 250 members, but I was getting over 200 views a weekly episode and nearly all were anonymous visits. In addition, the genre is probably unheard of, being a religious fantasy about how Heaven works (yes, I know, there are many who think religion itself is a fantasy, lol). There are not that many that go for my subjects or my style, but those that do are usually pretty enthusiastic.

Here I only put up one story in episodes and I stopped it after about the fourth, nobody was even looking at it. I’ll try again with another one soon, totally different subject of how Destiny smiled on a young woman for a brief period. I will also try promoting it within this site. I don’t believe that everybody here is indifferent, the vast majority just do not seem to see them.

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