Controlling trolls in the new commenting system
Arin Basu

This seems a valid point, though its not clear to me about the author of the response deciding to make his reponse visible as a separate story, which, apparently, used to be automatic. I cannot escape my initial feeling that this response is a new story is more a way of boosting the number of overall posts, especially as it becomes orphaned once someone replies to that new story.

So I ask myself the question who should be controlling who sees the response and decides whether it becomes a new story or not. My current understanding is that
a) Who sees it is largely controlled by the Medium alogorithm, thought the author can choose to make it visible and presumable the author always sees it
b) The responder can now choose to make it visible as a new story, but it will not appear as one otherwise. I see no means of doing that in writing this response, so how?
Obviously if this understanding is not correct then somebody please correct it!

To answer my own question, it would appear that the Author should decide who sees it, it is his post! If he deletes the response then it cannot be made a new story.
It does not seem it should be decided by the responder whether or not it should become a new story. Thats where a Medium algorithm should be applied. It would appear this does not corespond to the current thinking. How say you?

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