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Tim, we seem to be getting slightly at cross purposes. I’m trying to push for encryption, its more secure than copywrite. To prove copywrite infringment is quite difficult to pick up in the first place and a lot of legal hassle and outside the financial resources of the majority. Prevention is better than cure.

I have made the note public. I consulted the first link you supplied, about the copywrite of short phrases. I gave up after a while, its long and I don’t wish to consider it in that sort of depth

You made your point about the search, but I much doubt even Google has available to it all the written things since writing was invented. I suppose we can end up in the stupid situation of somebody invents a new word and its copywritable

An example is Green House Gases. I thought that was a bad choice of phrase. There are many places in the world that do not know what a green house is. They have no need of them. A better name is Pan-Lid Gases, which I use, because even quite primitives know that if you boil something and cover the receptacle, it will boil quicker. GHG acts like a pan-lid. In addition it convers the situation where you increase the heat=adding wood to the fire, which is caused by using energy, and GHG does not cover that.

So, at the opportunity I use my phrase. I would be very happy if others did, even if they claimed it was their idea, I’m sure not going to turn round and say, but hey, that was my idea in the first place, as long as my idea serves others well, thats all I want, not looking for personal kudos, even if its nice to get some.

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