Where Are We As A Species and Which Way Are We Headed?
Sam Clayton

Well constructed! It seems more not that we cannot make the transition, but what price are we prepared to pay to do so? We should already be starting to implement plans to change the way society functions. I’m not talking about pussyfooting with reducing GHG, but more things like phasing out airflights made just for tourism, ditto individual transport. Both are expanding instead!

We cannot do that sort of thing overnight, but over a long period of a few decades. By 2050 we should have reduced our energy consumption to 1 tenth of what it is now. Some countries, such as the UK, have even made a commitent to that sort of figure, but obviously thay will not achieve it. In the 34 years until then, we each need to reduce our energy consumption by around 3/10ths per decade. There is not even a system in place for measuring that. How many volunteers for that level of reduction do you think you would get? We need to get REAL and quick.

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