The New British Invasion

Well, I’ve heard of a storm in a teacup, lol, but for a place that distorts the english language, its rather a cheek. The fiction I write contains no quotes for dialogue. Not only does it break up my flow, but it is unnecessay. If its not clear who is saying what then I will start it with she replied/whatever.

When its about being published, I get leaned on to do it to some extent. So I started to apply this to what I had written and I’m thinking, ohh, does the question mark go inside or outside the quote mark? I had no idea! So I tried it a bit both ways and concluded it didn’t look good inside, so I put it outside. Then what do I find here? Thats the english way of doing it. Ohhh, good, being English thats fine, lol.

Whilst I am at it, I sometimes get taken to task for not intially capitalising words that should be. The rule in English is that proper nouns begin with an initial capital, but not when they are used as an adjective, as they are not then a noun. For example ‘english way’ used earlier. As Churchill remarked, two nations separated by a common language!

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