What I Learned When I Gave Up the ‘9 to 5’
Jacob Laukaitis

What a super idea and life style!! Of course, as my working life started in ’57 then digital didn’t exist. I took a sort of halfway house, a rolling stone one. Rarely in one place more than 18 months, that meant changing jobs, changing accomodation, and sometimes changing partner.

Now the wrong side of 70, I can’t remember all the places I’ve been and things I have done, some are just ghostly recollections haunting the mists of time. When I was 21, at that time the age of majority, I decided I would not work beyond age 55. I didn’t, even though I had no finaincial resources as such. I found ways of making enough to survive, mainly by ‘playing’ the system.

On the verge of buying an extremely old camping car, I can do it up a bit myself and then its off to warmer climes for the winter, most likely to be Calabra(Italy) as Gibraltar, Athens, and Malta I’ve been to before. Summer, when you cook in those places, it will be back somewhere further North. In short, I will then be a climate nomad! Lol!

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