Where have all the Christian Soldiers Gone?

For once its not a how to, but a serious question. Whilst doubtless the ISIL would like it to be better, they are still recruiting around 3,000 from at least 80 countries to fight for their cause, which is hardly peanuts.

Considering that they are not just driving Christians out, but killing them in droves, or forcing them to convert to Islam at gun point, then you would think that at least they would form militias for their own protection. Its true there are a few volunteers for that from the US, a half dozen here and a half dozen there. Its not as if Christianity preaches non voilence or practices it, its history is littered with bloodshed.

Its also true that amongst the officially non-existent allied ground forces that report and target from within the zones of combat there are Christians who are pleased to be doing their tasks, but its not as if they volunteered, they are following orders.

So out of the at least 1Billion Christians on the planet why are none volunteering to oppose the ISIS more directly? Perhpas the answer lies in the reply I got to a chellenge I proposed in a small US townships christian population a few years ago. I proposed that on a Sunday, instead of assembling at the church, they shoiuld assmeble at the beggining of a main street leading to the church, marching along, holding hands and singing hymns.

Wow, it was if I had proposed an orgy or something. No they could not possibly do that. Why Not? People would throw things at us. I’ve also heard about a lot of Christian bashing that goes on in the US, not so much direct physical agression, but being the butt of jokes, baited in public and on the media, and so forth, with little in the way of defence.

So it seems that one could safely conclude that effectively their religion is hollow, they don’t believe in it enough to stand up for it when necessary, certainly not take a few brick bats if necessary and most definitely not die for it. That would also imply that Islam is stronger as a religiion, would it not, because they are prepared to do those things!

Do you have a different explanation for the abscence of Christians where it counts, namely defending themselves?