Medium is Broken
A.H. Chu

You are quite right, it needs fixing. You made some good suggestions, but they didn’t give me a Eureka. So what else can we consider? Wait for it — — what do many walks of life do? Even from 5 to 65? Answer is grading. The readers grade the post, say 0 to 5 and the writers grade the comments, ditto. There are quite a few ways you can deal with the results -> averages, ratios, whatever.

This, in effect, kills the numbers game of followers, comments, and such. You could have 10 people giving a post 5 for one writer and 500 giving 3 for another, the 5 one is graded higher as the everage is still 5 and the other 3. It is based on quality assessment rather than anything else. Of course, its not perfect either, but it would certainly shift things more to what is generally wanted. Technically it would be simple enough to implement, which is always a consideration.