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As a gen Xer, I believe our generation is rooted in irreverence and cynicism. I think millenials adopted the cynicism, but without the requisite sense of humor that is supposed to be in concert with the satirical lens thru which we view life.

The problem at its core has to do with the American Dream itself. We are three generations removed from the tangibility of that myopic utopia. Baby Boomers who were supposed to be the ones with the social conscience the greatest generation lacked, totally flipped the script and went Gordon Gekko and now the world burns due to their greedy hoarding of assets and capital.

The next generation is going to be referred to as The Kept Generation. They will stay at home longer, and increasingly rely on inheritances as their ticket to financial independence.

When I look at millenials and the next generation I see disgruntled masses suspended in perpetual adolescence (in the Jungian sense). Kids who won’t grow up til they’re 50 and they get the big check to pay off their college loans and purchase their first home. And this will prevail so long as life expectancies increase and the olds hold down the largest demographic in this world.

Is my worldview bleak? You betcha.

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