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Comparing DeRozan to Chuck is blasphemy. “Caked up stats” my dimpled white middle-aged ass! Guy put up 25/13 on a team with 1/2 of the Hersey Hawkins that averaged 36 a game at Bradley; and aging Flowbee rep Mike Gminski. Has anyone ever heard from Ron Anderson since? Who? Exactly.

Facing double team after double team during one of the most physical eras the game has ever seen. Power forwards included Karl Malone, Buck Williams, Charles Oakley, James Worthy, Otis Thorpe, Adrian Dantley, Anthony Mason, Terry Cummings, Horace Grant, etc, etc, I can name 5 more if you need me to. Almost every team had one. Shit Rodney McCray was a solid pro too, no pushover.

Who the hell does DeMar have to face at the two anymore? Two guards are a dying breed. Dinosaurs. The wing position is now 3 and D, or another combo guard.

Charles Barkley was in Roger Murdock territory, dragging dudes up the court all night, night after night. But I agree that DeRozan should be the man in T-Dot; if only watching his performance alongside the Raptors supposed alpha Kyle Lowry.

Lowry looks like the least talented of all the Olympians this year, and if he’s the true leader of the team, he’ll back off, try to distribute more and let DeRozan feast on the east next year.

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