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Don’t you sort of contradict yourself?

“and nothing in baseball makes less sense.”

OK, strong initial take.

Then in the next paragraph:

“….since 2012, when he filled in for an injured Chase Utley for about one-third of the season. He played 58 games before a broken vertebra and a PED suspension ended his season”

Now things make sense.

What doesn’t make sense to me are the home/road splits. You’d expect his numbers to be far better at Citizen’s Bandbox. But of his 20 bombs, 11 have come at home. He bats .212 at home, vs .266 on road. His Ks are also up at home, in several fewer plate appearances.

To me, that’s Dykstra Disease (probably been around far longer under diff names, but I came of age in the 80s); wherein you’re trying to pull hard because you believe a little too much in your own power as a little guy. As a result you make more flyball outs. When he’s on the road he’s sitting back, sprays a little more, sees fences 50 feet further and relaxes, lets it come.

As a Braves fan I look for all ways to denigrate CitiPar of Town and Ruin Tomorrow Jr (he still lives, look at the farm!). Definitely if I’m his hitting coach I’m illustrating these park splits. Because the homers are coming on the road as well.