The problem I have with the Thunder is how everything fits.
Will Groves

Everyone is sleeping on Sabonis. He’s gonna be a max player in 4 years. You can’t deny the pedigree. He fell way too far, I’m apoplectic at the short-sightedness.

If everyone loves Porzingis, they’re gonna love this kid too. He is deceptive off the dribble drive in the high post, can hit out to 18 (Zingis range is admittedly superior at this point), and he can hold his own physically on defense right now against about 80% of the bigs in the paint.

And if you adhere to old-timey type theories about prospects, you only need to look as far as the Nolan Ryan story. He was a scrawny 150 lb HS P, but the scout eyed his dad and saw a 200 lb workhorse, signed him on the spot. The same methodology is applicable here, his father’s square head alone weighed 75 lbs.

I think Ilyasova is gonna be fine off the bench, same as Kanter. Since Russ will play 45 minutes if he’s allowed (and he’s got the juice for it), he can anchor a second unit with bona-fide Euro scorers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pull a Tiny Archibald and lead the league in pts and assists.

Full disclosure: I’m a pathetic Bullets fan.

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