Why would anyone want to be a police officer when all you want to do is hate them for doing their…
Tad Blarney

I don’t want to hate cops. I want to trust them to do their job without compounding situations that are all trending negatively.

I want to trust them to rely on their other training without assuming that if ANYONE gets a hand on them that they are going to shoot to kill.

I want to trust them to adapt to a changing population situation in this country where more of us are non-caucasian than ever. Not simply follow the lead of less-enlightened veteran cops who are prejudiced.

My goals are to destroy learned, systemic racism. The police department harbors, fosters, embodies both of those(depending on the precinct).

The police have two missions: Keep the riff-raff out of the wrong side of the tracks, and once it’s cornered on the wrong side of the tracks, keep bleeding it financially. I’m not sure if the latter was an actual policy, or if it was born of laziness. Because as we all know 13% of the black population is responsible for 100% of the nation’s drug use. So no need to police the other 87% of the world. How Utopian.

I don’t speak to Michael Brown. There are conflicting reports. The one you cited was just one of them. I do speak to the systemic sublimation of the Ferguson residents who are fined, and then jailed for not paying fines. I speak to the black-balling of thousands of viable employees who want nothing more than to earn an honest wage after serving years on trumped up drug charges. I speak to injustice. I speak to a system that sees this violence as run-of-the-mill, matter-of-course, and patently acceptable.

The police are the interface with a troubled public. A public that is battling another crisis of confidence. A public that comes closer to class war on a daily basis. A public that feels inadequate with itself compared to the busy production of recent generations. The police need to be redefined.

Mental health needs more advocacy. The fact that we have the ability to condemn people with a computer spitting back details about a person’s past life without ever meeting them face-to-face is compromising thousands of lives, and their families’ lives.

Ask yourself honestly if this is a society you feel comfortable with. A society where we even have to have these conversations is a problem in itself. This problem didn’t begin yesterday, and it sure as hell isn’t going away if we ignore it.

As is, I agree with you. It’s an insurmountable task to take a job as a policeman in the current environment and expect to impact change. The brotherhood and the thin blue line dictate how young officers turn out. At best, officers go along to get along. At worst you have the guy putting Garner in a chokehold for hustlin loosies. Or the guys in Cleveland who gunned down Tamir, or the other Cleveland cop who shot 45 times into a vehicle (3 mags) and got acquitted only to be convicted of another domestic violence crime virtually right away.

You got examples, I got examples. We can trade em like baseball cards.

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