Did you really just 1up Wilder with Ferrell?
John Mc

I was born in ’75. So um no….my favorite Ferrell is watching him take on SNL sketches that were doomed to fail and make them hysterical. Also, he has tons of cameos where he steals the scenes. He’s brilliant.

Wilder is very good. Brooks made him brilliant at times.

Fact is, I love Gene Wilder. I just didn’t appreciate the comparison. I thought it was lazy of this author.

There is plenty of crap to be found on every working actor’s resume that isn’t named Daniel Day Lewis.

Guess you didn’t read the rest of my thoughts on Wilder. Or you don’t have an argument with him.

So now that I’ve been proven your age or older, I guess I should just call you old before your time or not “woke”.

If you come at the king you best not miss.

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