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I’m a believer that Simmons will adapt. Magic Johnson wasn’t concerned about sagging defenders. Simmons just needs to learn to back his man down in the high post, and find cutters, get to the line. He should be playing the 1 from day 1 for the improving Sixers.

They needed to kick Okafor and one of Noel or Embiid to someone for backcourt/shooting help. I was looking at Phoenix with their glut. Or maybe that long coveted Okafor to Boston for Smart and the lowest Jersey first? Or even to Chicago (shhhhh!) for the less than gruntled Jimmy Butler, since they have three shooting guards there now. Since Okafor is from Chicago, that would make sense.

I have no idea how they are gonna play everyone as is. Richaun Holmes might be better than Noel right now. May be more ready than Embiid as well. And Okafor is just Hibberting up the joint. The rest of those dudes you can try to get out and run some lanes.

I don’t even like the Sixers. But am still seeing the process thru!!

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