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I’m convinced the only way you win with Cousins is to pair him with a more decorated veteran that he respects. Why don’t the Kings explore a trade with the Clippers for Griffin? Since Cousins is trying to introduce some stretch 4 into his game (ok alot, disturbingly Antoine Walker-level comfortable in pulling up sometimes) it might help free up space for Paul and Jordan to work together optimally.

But that trade is a rarity. All star for all star, in prime for in prime, big for big. As a young man I watched my Bullets pull the plug on Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe. The Leonard Hamilton Bullets went 19–63 with Juwan still lacking the tin man’s heart, Rod barfing up hot dogs, and the reanimated corpse of Richmond coming out for his 19–24 pts a game on mid-range indifference. So if you have an elite big, you must attempt to get an elite big is the takeaway here.

Russ should stay. Little Sabonis is gonna make it all worth it. And Adams is already in line for more buckets. I think OKC is gonna be real good, very deep. Able to score with three lineups or just Russ on Five. Piggybacking my comments yesterday on Philly’s roster, I wonder if Presti considering trying to use the Philly bigs as a lubricant for moving Russ in a blockbuster 3 way deal.

Question is how do you trade Russ and get two Philly bigs back, flip one for a young floor leader, and then flip one of the remaining OKC bigs or Embiid and get a wing scorer. Replace 2/3 of the Durant Westbrook scoring, and remain stocked with young talent that’s cost-effective. That’s the puzzle if you’re Sam Presti…..OK, GO!

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