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Jazz are going to be fun, and almost certainly a playoff squad. I think Favors is expendable personally. There is clamoring for him to restructure his deal as he enters the 3rd year of a favorable four year pact. But Hayward can opt out, and Gobert is going to get a big deal as he becomes a top-5 rim protector for more minutes each game.

I like Rodney Hood so much I’d be willing to let Hayward test the market, particularly if the market has still lost it’s collective mind ($30M?!) Hood has good passing skills, a deft touch, and is an emotional leader; evokes memories of Sam Perkins. With Lyles, Favors and Gobert, the front line is set. Adding Exum and Burks to go with vets Joe Johnson, George Hill, and Boris Diaw, and this is a team that is looking to move all the way into the top 3 seeds.

At long last the Jazz are not boring. It’s been 37–38 years since they had flavor. And yes, I recognize that there were a ton of winning seasons in a row, and Finals runs. But it had all the flavor of the reliable processed turkey coldcut sandwich you had to throw together because your wife took last night’s good-ass leftovers.

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