I found this post rather insulting.
Memphis Blues

Nah. These are simply examples are of men doing the best with what they had at a given moment in time, the very mission statement of any hustle.

Unfortunately as with most things, these mens’ station in life is quite instructive as to the institutional racism that pervades us all.

As a white man, I wish it were another white man in the headlines in place of the Garners at least some of the time. Sadly it’s not. And I say this from two perspectives: 1) Selfish- Growing poor and white, I was a minority in my community. And I feel I identify more with brothers than whites, yet I can’t deny white privilege has bailed me (and my brothers out, good to have a white bro driving) So I am simply tired of being lumped in with racist crackers the world-wide. 2) Simple justice. Easier said than earned. Cosmic justice for once and for all.

I fear however that no matter how many centennials pass, that slavery will never be overcome until we all intermarry and everyone looks like a BERT (as in Bert from Bert and Ernie, what is he? HAHA, yellow? green? can’t even hate, don’t know what color he be)….my attempt to lighten up a depressing post. #staytrue

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