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Sadly nothing new about any of this.

The only thing that is new is that we all get a front row seat to the hypocrisy that is the system; keeping the big money pieces in play in spite of the egregious infractions they commit. The phrase “Too Big To Fail” applies across all systems where judgement parallels the direction of political winds, and abuse is defined in the eye of the beholder.

Fact is, regardless of the verdict in the Rose civil suit, he still treats women deplorably. He should be booed as a human being, and as a basketball player who shouldn’t be separated from that same shameful excuse for a man. Like I said at the onset, you cannot talk about your Mama as though she turns water into wine, and turn around and treat younger women with such contempt.

Parents should boycott their children from buying his merchandise. He needs to not be profitable. And the NBA should probably avoid putting his jerseys on sale for a little while now anyway. Just deny the orders. But they won’t turn down a buck. They’ll hide behind the verdict and pretend that the testimony has no bearing. That even if the plaintiff was embellishing, those text messages still exist. The facts remain. This is not a role model.

As for Trump, the President should be a role model to some, if not to all. And even the smarmiest Yale Skull trust-fund corporate bloodsucker-to-be gives pause before they say they want to be THAT when they grow up.

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