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The new process? Morey didn’t wanna be left out of cockamamie scheme memes before he finally has to seek other pastures. He’s tinkered so much, with nothing to show for it. Look for his accompanying manifesto in December when the Rockets are 16–18. Just in time for Xmas.

But here’s how this plan:

  1. Obtain one of the top five guys who can create their own opportunities at the cup and let him abuse the usage meter like never before.
  2. Let him dominate the ball and pretend he can influence a game in as many ways as Lebron can.
  3. Nothing but underpants, nobody but Lebron can do this. And even when we was putting up those ridiculous P+R+A+S+B counting totals he lost in 2015.

I look forward to seeing a disheveled, unshaven Morey on the dais at Sloan explaining how this one led to a 39–43 finish and a #12 lottery ball.

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