I’ve been avoiding the National Anthem for years.
Ice Bear

The problem to me is when the government began exploring ways to make itself profitable at the expense of the people. Every traffic stop = a set amount of dollars on average. They don’t share that with us, and if they do it’s obfuscated by thousands of pages of other data. But each citizen encounter is going to result in some court costs.

To me the courts have told the cops that they just need to be like Moses Malone and execute his relentless mentality : “i just goes to the rack” ….where they can feed themselves by preying on those they serve. They save up their allowance and buy tanks, and more cameras that conveniently break, except when they catch a $5 hand-to-hand on camera. Moses never needed a play called for him, he just went and got 25–30 a night by bullying the blocks. Oh and them rebounds, they metaphorical too, for all the young poor brothers bouncing back in and out the system for no good reason at all.

They just countin’ stats I suppose. But enough of them rebounds and you catch that max contract (be it life or two in the chest).

But even as a 40 year old white dude, I’m still a $100 to a cop on a traffic stop. If they were wise to me I’d catch a possession beef half the time too, but white privilege …has it’s privileges?

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