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We still don’t know who did it, Allison. Looks bad for the financial guy no doubt. But it’s just as dicey as the other reasonable doubt raised by the defense.

Every single person with a motive still had a motive. And Naz still doesn’t remember what happened to him.

I’m surprised at the DA’s angle at trying to nail Andrea’s finance guy. His attorney would have the easiest of times gaining an acquittal. They would need a murder weapon, prints, more physical evidence than they had (otherwise Stone would have raised the issue of other DNA profiles at the scene).

Yes, accurate TV that mimics life is depressing, but this show as never so much about the plot but the characters themselves. Each character wore their life on their face in every scene. That’s what made this a good show.

*Still wish they had decided against the kiss…unless Naz was gonna go make good on things after he got released. In which case, still wish they had decided against it.

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