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Who wants to own the bad word? Me, Me!!!

When used non-pejoratively I feel as though it’s harmless and catch-all.

How can you ever be my ______ if I can’t call you my _________?

In most mixed environments it’s used all the time as a catch-all between all the races (yellow, black, brown, Puerto Rican or Haitian). The word has been used non-stop in hip-hop for over a generation. The same songs we all jam to, white or black. The population of the USA is 13–15% black, you do the math.

It’s time folks started recognizing how much most whites are desperate to live in harmony with their brothers from all races, and stopped trying to die on a hill over a word, or finding fault with our motives.

As long as the hard R isn’t invoked, and intent is benign, ignore it or embrace it. It isn’t worth the argument.

My favorite Seuss book was Sneetches. At the end nobody knew who the star-bellied ones were anymore. They all lived in broke-ass harmony. That’s my dream. But sadly I was born into a world where I’ll never know peace. Let’s not let this be an issue that divides us any longer.

Because 99% of us is niggas. It’s that 1% we need to worry about.

I’d rather focus on the 22% wage gap between African-American workers and whites that makes me embarrassed to go to work now. Why should I hate myself for earning what I earn? Because for no reason at all my counterpart earns a quarter less. I can’t solve all the world’s problems, but the least I can do is not obfuscate the real arguments in front of us.

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